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Details about Proton's new SUV models

Ditulis oleh Angelo998 dipublikasikan pada 18-11-2022 pukul 07

Wapcar Automotive News – Following the early launch of two new SUV models (X70 and X50) and a third model (X90), the next Proton will focus on a sedan widely known as the Proton S50, which will sit above the Proton Persona in the Proton Sedans. lined up, is actually a Proton Preve replacement model.


Geely has a number of sedans, but the Proton S50 is largely based on the Geely Emgrand, with notable features being the tall C-pillar and slightly sloping rear window.


There was previously speculated that the Proton S50 will be based on the Geely Binrui, but now that the real prototypes of the Proton S50 have been discovered, we can see that the Binrui has a curved roofline more like a coupe than what it is. you don't see on these prototypes. Also, Geely Emgrand is the sedan that Geely sells in the Philippines market, an ASEAN market like ours, so it wouldn't be an exaggeration to assume that as another ASEAN market, Malaysia would have Emgrand instead of Binroui.


How big is the S50 Proton?

Given Proton car price in Malaysia, Proton S50's 'god car' is the Geely Emgrand with a length of 4638mm, a width of 1822mm and a height of 1460mm, with a wheelbase of 2650mm. The tank volume is rated as 500 liters.


In the table above, we compare the dimensions of the Geely Emgrand/Proton S50 with products in the B and C segments of Honda and Toyota. Indeed, the Proton S50 should be a C-segment product priced within the B-segment price range.


In terms of exterior length, the Emgrand is the second longest of the listed models, with a length of 4638mm only trailing the new Honda Civic's 4678mm. In terms of wheelbase, it lies between the B and C segments with a wheelbase of 2,650mm, shorter than Toyota's 2,700mm but longer than City's 2,600mm.


In terms of weight, the car is also in the B and C segments with a weight of 1,250 kg, heavier than the average weight of Vios and City but lighter than the average weight of Civic and Altis. , both became larger and more complex engines. A Geely Emgrand/Proton S50 with a heavier 1.8 turbocharged engine could close the weight gap between it and its C-segment rivals. What engine will Proton S50 have in Malaysia?

Geely Emgrand uses a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine for the Chinese market, producing 114 PS and 147 Nm of torque, driving the front wheels with a CVT gearbox. In the Philippines, it also uses a naturally aspirated 1.5 liter engine, but with a slightly lower capacity of 102 hp and 142 Nm, a CVT gearbox has 8 virtual speeds if you want to switch to manual mode.


These engine options look a bit underwhelming compared to the high-powered 1.5-liter and 1.8-liter turbocharged engines we've seen on recently launched Proton cars. However, keep in mind that while the S50 is priced to compete with the Vios and City, that naturally aspirated power won't be too different from what's offered in the Vios (105hp, 140Nm). ) and City (119 hp, 145 Nm).


However, it is likely that at least one, if not all, variants of the Proton S50 sedan will come with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. Proton has previously confirmed that there will be two new Proton models that will receive the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. The other could be Proton S50.


The Proton X70 MC's 1.5-liter turbocharged engine is now locally assembled at Proton's new engine plant in Tanjung Malim. The engine plant currently produces a version of the TGDi engine, but Proton has previously stated that the plant will be able to produce a less powerful but more affordable version of the gate-injection engine that is currently under development. used in lower versions of Proton X50. . The port pumped X50 engine is now imported from China.


Compared to the X50 Flagship's TGDi engine producing 177 hp and 255 Nm of torque, the 1.5 turbocharged direct-injection engine produces 150 hp and 225 Nm of torque. We think that's more than enough to make a worthy choice for a high-end Proton S50 combined with a DCT transmission, and for the Chinese/Philippines market to incorporate a naturally aspirated engine. CVT gearbox for lower versions to reduce the price of admission.