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7-seat Toyota MPV stashes covert micro-RV gear

Ditulis oleh Angelo998 dipublikasikan pada 21-11-2022 pukul 10

Autofun Philippines –  Many small mobile homes are built to serve as daily three-row carriers with seven or eight seats. Typically, these mobile homes require the removal or installation of seats and other equipment when switching between camping and everyday driving. The new Toyota HiAce motor home from Japan's UI Vehicle conversion and parts store makes it even easier, changing modes in seconds without having to remove or install a piece of equipment. Toyota HiAce price Philippines is affordable for its fans, and at the same time, It's both a full-time mobile home and a full-time van, with very few compromises.


UI's seven-seat HiAce mobile home isn't an entirely new design. The company explained that it used to be a popular choice in its lineup, but had to discontinue production in the mid-2010s due to problems with Japanese vehicle registration regulations. Those regulations were changed earlier this year, paving the way for the return of the seven-seat HiAce. The new truck is an adaptation of the company's five-seater Freestyle camping package, and we'll call it the Freestyle 7. UI held the premiere of the revived new model last weekend at the Auto Show. 


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The Toyota HiAce that underpins the Freestyle 7 is quite spacious compared to the small kei micro campers under 4m (13ft) that we usually see coming out in the domestic Japanese market. However, at just 470cm (185 inches) it's quite small by Western mobile home standards, a mini mobile home that's actually about the length between a standard VW Caddy and a VW Caddy. Maxi in length.


In pickup truck mode, the Freestyle looks like a modest pickup truck. It has three rows with two seats in the last row, three seats in the middle row and two cabin seats in the front. It's ready to drive the whole family to work, school, sports, group workouts, and anything on a weekly schedule.


Mini-RVs tend to stick to a single rear seat because once you fit in the middle row, you'll take up all the space in the kitchen and living-dining areas. But the UI bench is quite different from the average. Its seat cushion folds down to act as a rear-facing seat back while the forward-facing back folds down to act as a cushion. In seconds, the passenger bench becomes a rear camping bench.


A removable table is mounted between the inverted benches in the second and third rows to complete the five-seat dining area. In this way, the UI eliminates the need for a swivel chair in the cabin, leaving the front seats as extra seating for two less fortunate campers who couldn't secure a seat at the main dining table. The two rear benches are mounted on floor rails and can slide into different positions for improved comfort, on the road and in camp. At night, the seats fold flat and combine with a rear cushion to form a giant bed that extends from wall to wall and extends 2.9m (9.5ft) from the back door to B columns.


A seven-seater van with the ability to sleep and eat would be pretty handy, but the UI goes a step further by providing it with a more complete camping kit. The panels on either side of the third row of seats do more than just hold the cushions to extend the width of the bed. They cover the wheel arches at the front and make room for ultra-compact camping gear in the rear, just inside the tailgate. The driver's side panel features a slim sink that's powered by a submersible pump in a 10 liter water tank and the user interface displays a small portable one-burner camping stove next to it as a cooking solution. light and flexible.


The passenger side panel is used to house the optional recreational battery for camping power. It can operate items such as extended ceiling light assemblies, USBs, 12V and 240V sockets, and electrical coolers.


It seems that three rows of seats hinder the Freestyle 7's ability to use a full pickup truck, but the third row can be folded in half and both rear seats slide forward to clear the cargo area. So owners get a truck big enough to transport a bike, scooter or lots of luggage in seconds without having to remove any seats or parts.


The Freestyle 7 along with the nine-seat Southvan Allrounder are two of the most versatile pickup trucks we've seen, each with their own distinct layout. Freestyle 7 seems perfect for any active family. It can carry up to seven people around town for an entire week, easily accommodates groceries and other packages, carries five people plus loads of sporting equipment or luggage on weekends, and doubles as one. Mobile home for two. if overnight is not part of the original travel plan. Add a camping tent and it can accommodate and sleep for the whole family.


UI Freestyle 7 is available in standard and widebody versions with petrol and diesel powertrain options. Prices start at 4.85 million yen (approx. $34,625) for 2WD gasoline and 5.74 million yen (AU$39,050) for 4WD gasoline. In addition to the interior transformation, the user interface adds suspension and steering upgrades for a smoother ride. Additional options include a small camping heater, a 400W inverter, blackout curtains, and rear speakers to enhance the car's sound muffled by a cushion that partially covers the rear speakers.