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How about BMW iX M60

Ditulis oleh Angelo998 dipublikasikan pada 06-12-2022 pukul 16

Autofun Philippines - Now, this is one area where the iX M60 sets itself apart from its lesser brethren. Back in May, I said this about the iX xDrive40:


What it gives up in dynamic capacity, it makes up for by isolating the occupants of the car from harsh reality of the outside world.


But if your perception of the BMW cars Philippines is 'top-of-the-line driving machine' and 'pure driving pleasure, , the 'iX xDrive40 is not a vehicle that elevates the pillars of the brand.


iX M60 is a very different beast. Definitely a beast, as it has the dynamic power that the lower iX xDrive40 lacks thanks to its smarter suspension and larger wheels. In short, this car is a true-performance EV SUV and loves to hit corners. But physics cannot be ignored; it's still a 2.7-ton SUV, so it'll never cross your favorite runway like a low-riding 911.


However, there's definitely a lot of fun behind the wheel of the iX M60. Much. The ride quality is exemplary. There's nothing to complain about, it's utterly sumptuous despite the purpose and performance of this vehicle. It's also worth pointing out that when you're in commuter mode, the iX's cabin is one of the quietest and most refined places to spend miles.


Personal, Sports and Performance. Unlike other iX variants, the iX M60 has two new modes:

Expression and relaxation. Each mode not only changes the color scheme on the digital display, but also changes the throttle sensitivity and suspension settings. Expressive also gives cars aural personality by playing a spaceship sound that increases in intensity as you accelerate harder. It's fun as a computer game, but quickly becomes a cheap computer game. Or maybe it's just something the owners are offering to first-time passengers.


The iX M60 has an intelligent regenerative braking system that adjusts the energy recovery function according to the situational interpretation. For example, when approaching a line of cars stopped at a red light, iX predicts your brake desire and activates a more assertive energy recovery mode. However, release the throttle on the highway and it will assume you want to drive around a bit, causing the energy recovery system to fail.


The problem with that is that his predictability isn't perfect. Take off when approaching the speed humps and it doesn't slow down enough, meaning you'll have to do some braking yourself, or you don't want to hit the humps too quickly.


This may not seem like a big deal, but it can cause delays as the driver waits to see if the car slows down, before cornering later than you should and having to brake harder than usual...


To appreciate the overall value of the BMW iX M60, we must somehow appreciate the uniqueness. Market competition affects the prices that manufacturers can charge for their products. If you're launching a great new smartphone, pricing higher than competitors from Apple, Google, Samsung, and others won't work because most buyers will go where their money is. they get the best product.


However, if you are the sole supplier of a certain product, such as a large, high-performance electric SUV, pricing is a less sensitive issue because simply the buyer cross-shopping is not possible.


So if you want the best electric performance SUV money can buy, the BMW iX M60 is just what you need. In the coming months, rivals like the Mercedes-AMG EQE53 will compete for the electric SUV crown. But right now, BMW is enjoying the spoils of being the first to hit the market. It's ironic because BMW has actually hit the market late with other iX models, following the path taken by Audi's E-Tron SUV and the Mercedes-Benz GLC.


If you're asking if the iX M60 has what it takes to make the $250,000 well spent, the answer is still yes. You get a very luxurious, modern interior, as well as practical performance. It lacks nothing that a $250,000 car - EV or internal combustion engine - offers that the BMW iX M60 doesn't.