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Why Is the Mazda CX-30 Suddenly Selling Like Taylor Swift Tickets?

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Wapcar Automotive News – Something must be going on at Mazda HQ these days. For some reason, Mazda CX-30s are flying over dealers like Taylor Swift tickets. As of October 2021, the company has sold only 3,147 versions of the powerful small SUV. In October, the company sold 6666. That's a difference of 112% for those of us who can't do the math in our heads. Mazda CX-30 compared to what?


Mazda seems to rise above its weight when its base version is compared to its competitors and that could be one of the reasons it sells well. For example, take one of Mazda car price in Malaysia as an example, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross costs about $25,000 but has less than 40 horsepower. The Volkswagen Taos also seems to be its competitor, but the base VW doesn't offer a full range of options. The Buick Encore is a strong contender that offers plenty of features for around $25,000, but it lacks the CX-30's taught handling. In the latest sales figures released by Mazda, the CX-30 is not the only Mazda model with a skyrocketing sales rate. The seven-seat SUV CX-9 increased by 43% and some car models. During the year, the company sold 44,052 CX-30s.


Sure, Mazda has sold about 3,000 more versions of its biggest CX-5 SUV, but sales of that SUV are down 7% this year. Sales of the CX-5 could be superseded by Mazda's own CX-50 SUV, which is roughly the same midsize SUV. The CX-30 hides a lot of class in its compact size


The CX-30 starts at around $23,000, but if you were sitting in one, you'd probably think it sold for more than $5,000. Seats are upholstered in sturdy, high-quality fabric (or leather), and Mazda often hides cheaper plastic behind a chrome finish. And if you don't believe it, you can read our review of Car and Driver, where it's compared to the Mazda 3 sedan.


But it's not just materials. The base engine is nothing fancy, but the optional 250hp turbocharged engine wakes it up, compared to the standard 191hp. That turbocharged engine works well with tight suspension to give this small SUV a playful look based on the tall roofline and spacious cargo compartment. It can hit 60 mph in 5.8 seconds.


The base CX-30 might have a low starting price, but the $25,400 upgraded Select offers leather seats and a steering wheel, but you have to raise the $28,000 Preferred for heated seats and plenty of assistive devices. drive more.


To really get the most out of this exciting SUV, you should upgrade to the CX-30 2.5 Turbo Premium, which brings 250 hp to the party. That raises the price a bit, to $33,800 or $35,400 in the Turbo Premium Plus version. While a CX-30 starts with the BMW X1 at this price, it beats Bimmer's 228 hp and has more options. Also, Mazda comes standard with all-wheel drive, unlike the Bimmer.

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Geely Okavango Urban Plus 2022 test drive

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Autofun Philippines –  Even if the versatility of their crossovers is just aspirational. Besides Coolray, Geely added to the SUV sales population with Okavango. Having been on the market for a few years now, Okavango seems to have hit its mark in the short time of the crossover. It is positioned as a hybrid between an MPV and an SUV, with styling and dimensions close to that of a seven-seater, but with the height and high driving feel of a true SUV.

Consumers seem to be buying Okavango's specialty, as these 396 Geelys were sold this past July. But will sales be enough to validate whether the Okavango is the good crossover that performs like the MPV-slash-SUV it is expected to be?

We found out through our Geely Okavango Urban Plus 2022 test drive.

Variations and prices 

More detailed price information like Geely Okavango price Philippines you can click the link. The automaker's intention for the 2022 Geely Okavango line to fall between the compact MPV and the midsize SUV has been evident in the price tag. Starting at 1,208 million pesos for the Geely Okavango Comfort, this crossover is about 100,000 pesos more expensive than the Toyota Avanza. The Geely Okavango Urban serves as the 1.328 million peso midsize variant. The Geely Okavango Urban Plus we tested was already the top model, but its asking price of P1,478 million is still a hundred thousand pesos more affordable than the entry-level Toyota Fortuner.

Engine and fuel economy

The Geely Okavango 2022 once again stands out from the midsize SUV set as it is not offered with a turbocharged diesel engine. The Okavango range is powered by a 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine powered by a 48-volt Electric Motor Synergy System (EMS) to produce 190 hp at 5,500 rpm. /min and 300 Nm of torque from 1,500 at 4000 rpm. .

Those numbers are sent to the front wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. There are also self-explanatory drive modes to choose from:

Eco, Comfort or Sport. EMS makes the Geely Okavango a mild hybrid, which means the crossover can't run solely on electric power. What the 48V EMS does is help power the car's accessories, and in Eco driving mode allows the 1.5-litre trio to shut off during downhill to help save fuel. When auto start-stop is activated, the engine also turns off when the stop light is on to prevent excessive idling.

On single-passenger highways and with the Okavango's smart downhill feature turning the engine on and off, the crossover delivered a respectable 21kpl fuel economy. While this is an impressive number, we find Okavango city consumption exaggerated:

In moderate city traffic, the car makes six clicks per liter, even with the driver, pressing the gas and braking gently, as the sole occupant of the vehicle. Drive impressions

Thanks to the relatively low ground clearance, the Geely Okavango 2022 does not feel as heavy to drive as some familiar SUV models. Sure, the Okavango leans a bit when engaging in a high-speed sweeper, but that's to be expected for a lift truck. The steering feel is numb in Comfort and Eco modes and wonderful in Sport mode. Despite the external weight, the Okavango's steering is responsive and light enough to facilitate fast and slow maneuvers.

Ride quality also benefits from Okavango's automotive chassis. While pickup-based SUVs tend to jostle with occupants when driving through potholes, Okavango smoothly navigates wheel tracks, craters, and every imperfection. And whether you're sitting in the front or the back, the Okavango offers the high-altitude vantage you get in SUVs.

What the engine lacks in fuel efficiency more than makes up for in performance. Okavango's 1.5-liter turbocharged engine has plenty of up and down capabilities. In fact, 300 Nm of torque can make the front tire light up on wet asphalt. The engine is still capable of accelerating, allowing the Okavango to maintain the speed limit on the highway even below 2,000 rpm. The seven-speed dual-clutch also engages as soon as the accelerator is pressed harder; At no point in our travels did we feel the need to manually shift gears. As for the NVH, although we did hear some wind noise up and down the sides of the cabin in the triple digits, that noise didn't detract from cabin comfort.


2023 Will See The Return Of The Nissan GT-R

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Autofun Philippines – Nissan's iconic and aptly named "Godzilla" cars are back and will be available for purchase in the US for the 2023 model year!


The Nissan GT-R is a powerful, powerful little car with a huge reputation for speed. Without a doubt, the legendary beast is highly coveted around the world. That's why the news that, despite being available in Japan, the GT-R won't go on sale in the US for the 2022 model year hit us hard. Fortunately, the famous car that we thought died in the US market last year is coming back to life. The Nissan GT-R will return to the United States for the 2023 model year. Cars' "Godzilla" will return in two iterations:

a base version (also known as GT-R Premium) and a NISMO version (sold out in 2021 and offers more power). While there haven't been many updates in the 2021 model year, the car's return has created a lot of hype about what the car might have in the future.


Let's focus on the return of the Nissan GT-R in 2023! More information about Nissan GT-R price Philippines you can search here.


The car that's aptly named "Godzilla" is back, and while we'd like to be able to say it's better than ever, that's not entirely true. The car is surprisingly familiar with 2021 specs. The engine is still a 24-valve 3.8-liter V6 capable of developing up to 565 horsepower and 467 pound-feet of torque. lb-ft in the all-wheel drive option. Premium R. While the NISMO all-wheel drive option offers more power with a 3.8-liter V6 that can reach up to 600 hp, it's the same as the option offered in 2021 on all-wheel drive. NISMO four-wheel drive. While that may seem a bit disappointing, it still represents an improvement over the models of the 2020s, and even the presence of this monster on American soil gives hope to the models. car in the coming years.


The GT-R also has a twin-turbo engine, hand-assembled and a titanium exhaust system. According to the automaker, the car's power comes through the standard ATTESA ET-S all-wheel drive system, which splits torque front and rear to tailor performance to suit driving conditions. current vehicle and scenario, delivering the best possible ride. feel.


A six-speed dual-clutch transmission is mounted at the rear and optimizes the vehicle's weight distribution. It also allows for more aggressive downshifts and the use of steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. The suspension system of the car is an independent double wishbone front suspension and a multi-link independent rear suspension. These systems include Bilstein DampTronic shock absorbers with three selectable settings including Normal, Comfort, and R to allow for varying responses. For added racing fun, the modes use large switches on the center console as controls.


There's no word yet on Nissan's T-Spec or Track Edition versions for the 2023 model year, as they will be available in 2021. However, given the history of popularizing these trims with striking colors and visual updates, it's very possible that future models will bring them back to life as well, and we hope that will be true.


Details about Proton's new SUV models

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Wapcar Automotive News – Following the early launch of two new SUV models (X70 and X50) and a third model (X90), the next Proton will focus on a sedan widely known as the Proton S50, which will sit above the Proton Persona in the Proton Sedans. lined up, is actually a Proton Preve replacement model.


Geely has a number of sedans, but the Proton S50 is largely based on the Geely Emgrand, with notable features being the tall C-pillar and slightly sloping rear window.


There was previously speculated that the Proton S50 will be based on the Geely Binrui, but now that the real prototypes of the Proton S50 have been discovered, we can see that the Binrui has a curved roofline more like a coupe than what it is. you don't see on these prototypes. Also, Geely Emgrand is the sedan that Geely sells in the Philippines market, an ASEAN market like ours, so it wouldn't be an exaggeration to assume that as another ASEAN market, Malaysia would have Emgrand instead of Binroui.


How big is the S50 Proton?

Given Proton car price in Malaysia, Proton S50's 'god car' is the Geely Emgrand with a length of 4638mm, a width of 1822mm and a height of 1460mm, with a wheelbase of 2650mm. The tank volume is rated as 500 liters.


In the table above, we compare the dimensions of the Geely Emgrand/Proton S50 with products in the B and C segments of Honda and Toyota. Indeed, the Proton S50 should be a C-segment product priced within the B-segment price range.


In terms of exterior length, the Emgrand is the second longest of the listed models, with a length of 4638mm only trailing the new Honda Civic's 4678mm. In terms of wheelbase, it lies between the B and C segments with a wheelbase of 2,650mm, shorter than Toyota's 2,700mm but longer than City's 2,600mm.


In terms of weight, the car is also in the B and C segments with a weight of 1,250 kg, heavier than the average weight of Vios and City but lighter than the average weight of Civic and Altis. , both became larger and more complex engines. A Geely Emgrand/Proton S50 with a heavier 1.8 turbocharged engine could close the weight gap between it and its C-segment rivals. What engine will Proton S50 have in Malaysia?

Geely Emgrand uses a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine for the Chinese market, producing 114 PS and 147 Nm of torque, driving the front wheels with a CVT gearbox. In the Philippines, it also uses a naturally aspirated 1.5 liter engine, but with a slightly lower capacity of 102 hp and 142 Nm, a CVT gearbox has 8 virtual speeds if you want to switch to manual mode.


These engine options look a bit underwhelming compared to the high-powered 1.5-liter and 1.8-liter turbocharged engines we've seen on recently launched Proton cars. However, keep in mind that while the S50 is priced to compete with the Vios and City, that naturally aspirated power won't be too different from what's offered in the Vios (105hp, 140Nm). ) and City (119 hp, 145 Nm).


However, it is likely that at least one, if not all, variants of the Proton S50 sedan will come with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. Proton has previously confirmed that there will be two new Proton models that will receive the 1.5-liter turbocharged engine. The other could be Proton S50.


The Proton X70 MC's 1.5-liter turbocharged engine is now locally assembled at Proton's new engine plant in Tanjung Malim. The engine plant currently produces a version of the TGDi engine, but Proton has previously stated that the plant will be able to produce a less powerful but more affordable version of the gate-injection engine that is currently under development. used in lower versions of Proton X50. . The port pumped X50 engine is now imported from China.


Compared to the X50 Flagship's TGDi engine producing 177 hp and 255 Nm of torque, the 1.5 turbocharged direct-injection engine produces 150 hp and 225 Nm of torque. We think that's more than enough to make a worthy choice for a high-end Proton S50 combined with a DCT transmission, and for the Chinese/Philippines market to incorporate a naturally aspirated engine. CVT gearbox for lower versions to reduce the price of admission.

The Real Story Behind Steve McQueen's Ford Mustang From Bullitt

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Autofun Philippines –  Steve McQueen's Mustang GT from the 1968 movie Bullitt is a far cry from your usual sports car. It's not every day that a 52-year-old, unmaintained and weather-damaged machine goes up for auction for three million dollars and changes. This car has inspired too much hagiographic homage, so this thing has a mythical dimension. It didn't help that only one person knew who was the winner of the legendary auction. Even the seller does not have this information: Ford Mustang price Philippines.

This particular stand is like a rare fish that suddenly jumps out of the water before diving back and disappearing into the deep blue again. The Bullitt Mustang has fallen off the edge of the world without a trace, the track has been cold for decades. So you can imagine the amazement of Bullitt loyalists when they learned that the "Bullitt" Ford Mustang is not only alive and well, but will be on display at a Mecum auction in Kissimmee, Florida.

By the time the hammer fell on January 10, 2020, rust, torn upholstery and weathered Highland Green paint hadn't stopped this cult classic from being priced at $3.7 million, including shipping costs. In doing so, the Bullitt Mustang broke Mecum's previous record set in 2019 when the 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake brought in $2.2 million.

If you've seen the movie Bullitt, then you understand the fanfare. If you haven't seen it, the film follows a San Francisco cop who is summoned to protect Chicago robber Johnny Ross (played by Felice Orlando) from the Italian Mafia. The movie is a game changer for action sequences. Car stunts and chases set the tone for later works like Gone in 60 Seconds, Mad Max and The French Connection.

The cop in question is Steve McQueen's character, Frank Bullitt, one of the greatest movie stars who made one of the coolest cars - the 1968 Mustang GT Fastback even cooler. The '67 -'68 received its first major model redesign, inspired by the vision led by Iacocca to make the 'Stang slightly larger than the original. For the 1968 model year, the Mustang received updated safety features such as shoulder straps and an energy-absorbing two-spoke steering wheel.

The word "FORD" on the hood disappears while side markers appear on the front and rear end. The side mirrors move from the frame to the windshield and there's a 4.9-liter (302 cu in) V8 alongside the standard 3.3-liter (200 cu in) inline engine. Frank Bullitt's Mustang is a modified 1968 Mustang GT Fastback seen chasing a Dodge Charger R/T through the streets of San Francisco.

It took only ten minutes for the movie Bullitt to bring back iconic status to the 1968 Mustang. Those ten minutes were game-changing for American cinema. In fact, Warner Bros. bought two 'Stangs' to shoot the movie - VIN 8R02S12558 (aka '558) and 8R02S125559 (aka '559). The latter serves as the real hero car driven by McQueen. After the movie ended, the '558 (real action car) ended up in the scrap yard, re-appearing in California in 2017.

So what happened to McQueen's "hero" 559 car? Records show Warner Bros. employee Robert Ross. bought and kept the car until 1970 before selling it for $6,000 to a New Jersey police detective named Frank Marranca. $6,000 must have been a lot of money in 1970, right? Well, that still equates to $44,372 in today's money.