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The Lexus LX may be fully redesigned, but it's still a true off-roader

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Wapcar Automotive News – Consumers looking for a bulletproof luxury SUV with serious off-road capabilities were left wanting by rubbing Toyota lights and asking genius for a Land Cruiser. This is no longer the case, as Toyota has pulled the plug on this SUV for 2022.

While global consumers can purchase the redesigned Land Cruiser, US buyers will be instructed to do so. courtesy of Lexus to buy the new LX 600 2022. Underneath the new design, the Lexus LX 600 is essentially a reworked version of the global Land Cruiser. Despite its new look, more luxurious interior improved technical features, and more refined powertrain, the LX 600 is still a top-of-the-line luxury SUV that knows how to drive on dirt.

While other automakers are working to upgrade their large SUVs to look less like heavy trucks and more like extra-large luxury vehicles, Lexus is sticking to what it does well. best. The LX 600 now sits on the TNGA-F platform and comes with a twin-turbo V6 from that time. While the LX 600 is extremely similar to the upcoming LX 570 in terms of size and driving mode, it's modern enough in other ways to feel like it's been thoughtfully redesigned to appeal to more people at the same time. buyer type.

Compared to the previous LX 570, the new 2022 LX 600 doesn't look much different, with the biggest change being an even larger grille. At first, the SUV's face is a bit shocking, like looking directly at an automotive version of the Kylo Ren mask, but the LX 600 is just following a trend. The LX 600's tall silhouette with short overhangs aims to give it the all-terrain design it needs to hit the trails. This is also the main drawback of the SUV from a design point of view. The LX 600 will continue to divide as much as the LX 570, and even more so with the available F Sport model.

The main problem with the LX 600 is that it doesn't look as good as other SUVs. It still has the road presence most people covet with full-size luxury SUVs, but the feel makes people stop and stare in amazement at how large and large SUVs are. Luxury has become everything is not without. The Mercedes-Benz GLS looks muscular and refined, the Jeep Grand Wagoner looks good, and the Cadillac Escalade is American without being quite McDonald's. The LX 600 has a lively and presentable front end.

The obvious flaw of the old LX 570 is its antiquated interior. Fortunately, that changes with the 2022 LX 600, but the interior still falls short of Joanna Gaines' standards. It's much more appealing than the previous generation SUV, and the Lexus quality matches the best German quality available today, but it lacks that element. The dashboard and center console have a futuristic fighter look with dual screens, multiple dials and controls, and a curved design that spills over into the center console. While the LX 600 lacks a standout look compared to most of its rivals, you trade off clear controllability.

Where is the interior space?

One of the big problems with the large SUV segment is that each option continues to evolve. A few inches here and a few inches there translates into vehicles that can serve as shuttles for small schools. Without strong growth, the LX 600 is less spacious than its rivals. The LX 600's large stature doesn't translate to a spacious interior, especially in the second row, where the SUV only has 36.6 inches of rear legroom; In the third row, there's only 31.1 inches of legroom. Compared to some options, the LX 600 has lost nearly 5 inches of second-row legroom and 3 inches of third-row legroom. In the real world, that means adults will feel a bit of pain in the backseat, and the second row feels more economical than in business class.

The cargo space of the LX 600 is equally disappointing. It is more suitable for spacious midsize SUVs than large SUVs in terms of cargo capacity. Ultra Luxury dual-row and trim models offer up to 71 cubic feet of cargo space. A large number of large SUVs offer total cargo space over 100 cubic feet.

Confusingly, the LX 570 previously had a third row of seats that could be folded down one side of the SUV. This is different from the design of every other SUV on the planet, where the third row folds down from the bottom. Thankfully, Lexus engineers fixed this problem, as the third row now behaves like any other row of seats you'll find. It seems like a small thing, but it's a big deal.

Lexus has also thought of wealthy individuals who don't need a third row of seats. The fix comes with Ultra Luxury trim that comes in a four-seat configuration with a captain's seat, a full center console in the rear, per-seat massagers, and a rear-right passenger seat with reclining almost flat. . It certainly looks luxurious, although the LX 600 we tested lacked luxury seating.

Each LX 600 has three screens including an 8-inch instrument cluster, a 12.3-inch touchscreen, and a separate 7-inch display just below the central touchscreen. At first glance, the dual-screen setup in the dashboard looks really impressive.

The 12.3-inch screen has crisp graphics, quick response times, and a refreshing look, but the 7-inch screen below the center display is a disappointment. It used to control the car's settings and functions, but it felt like it came from a different era with its simple graphics. Plus, Lexus includes physical controls, so why would an SUV need a second screen to show you the HVAC settings you just selected? It's like an afterthought, a startled reaction to a Slack quiz about what engineers should do with free space.

Switching from a V8 to a V6 might seem like a downgrade to most people, but Lexus has found a way to make a six-cylinder as powerful as the V8 and sound. pretty good too. The LX 600 now comes with a twin-turbo 3.4-liter V6 that produces 409 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. Each engine is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission that sends power to all four wheels.

Despite losing two cylinders, the V6 still gained 26 hp and 76 lb-ft of torque. Smooth engine power and easy gear shifting. While there are some flaws with the LX 600, the SUV's powertrain is one of its main strengths.

LX 600 comes with plenty of features that improve its rideability, but the SUV still behaves like an old truck. The handling has a laughable amount of body roll, and the suspension turns a lot of minor road imperfections into major bumps. While other SUVs have taken great strides to feel smoother than before, the LX 600's bumpy ride proves to be a major sore point.

Off-road cruise control, digital inclinometer, Turn to assist to help SUV turn more, air suspension system that can increase the height of the SUV by several inches, Multi-Terrain Select system, several cameras, Torsen locking the center differential and permanent all-wheel drive make the LX 600 an off-road monster. In addition, there is the entire golden ratio design that Toyota has used since 1995 for its vehicle design. But nothing really matters.

How many people will actually go off-roading their LX 600? Not much. Yes, off-roaders and Overlanding are here to stay, but they're starting to evolve into SUV-worthy rides, advanced tech features, and large all-terrain cabins. Six-figure luxury SUVs as wide as a barn are not nearly in the same class as the Wrangler. That's where the new LX 600 lineup comes in, including the sporty F Sport and Ultra Luxury across the continent with sophisticated rear seats, making the SUV more of a complete choice than a mere wonder. there was once. However, if you're one of the few planning an off-road adventure in your LX 600, prepare for some fun.

Should you buy one?

But the LX 600 tries to go beyond just being a luxury all-terrain vehicle with a new engine, new look, new features and new range to become a more complete full-size SUV. However, the large luxury SUV segment is changing rapidly, and Lexus has had to do something to have a competitive option. The LX 600 is clearly better than the LX 570 it replaces, broadening its appeal to those looking for a new Land Cruiser with a few extra luxury touches, but there's no denying it still looks old.


What Toyota Yaris Cross financing is right for you?

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When you cower your Toyota Yaris Cross

Wapcar Automotive News – For a better orientation, we have taken the popular Toyota Yaris Cross in the Adventure version to "go out", we will discuss the optimal financing options in the following lines. If you choose a new car in the 1.5 Hybrid version (116 hp) with automatic and continuously variable transmission (4x4), you will have to withdraw almost 800,000 K from your wallet. So absolutely correct, it would be exactly 782,000 crowns.

If you are not satisfied with the basic version and are looking for additional equipment, you can choose the VIP package for 35,000 crowns with nine optional elements (e.g. 10" color screen, open trunk. power, auto-adaptive high-rise (AHS), matrix LED headlights, automatic high-beam height adjustment, etc.) A second additional option is the Skyview package for K15,000, which includes a panoramic roof with a manual shutter

For the purposes of our comparison, we will choose the latter which refers to additional equipment for 15,000 K, and therefore the price of our dream car will be 797,000 K. . Some really "popular" money, you know? But how to pay and not run out at the same time? You have several options these days. And buying cash may not be optimal in some cases.

The First Option

Toyota Yaris Cross - buy with cash

In general, buying a car with cash - in general - is a win. Therefore, if the future owner of the car has cash, he will be offered to use it to pay for the car. So you don't have to pay too much for the car, the payment period is up to you and you don't have to worry about anything else (other than its own performance).

However, if your budget is tight, buying a car with direct payment is not an ideal option. In this case, you should choose one of the options below. If you've put all of your energy into it, you might be surprised by an unforeseen larger expense.

The Second Option

Toyota Yaris Cross - buy with cash

In general, buying a car with cash - in general - is a win. Therefore, if the future owner of the car has cash, he will be offered to use it to pay for the car. So you don't have to pay too much for the car, the payment period is up to you and you don't have to worry about anything else (other than its own performance).

However, if your budget is tight, buying a car with direct payment is not an ideal option. In this case, you should choose one of the options below. If you've put all of your energy into it, you might be surprised by an unforeseen larger expense.

The Third Option

Toyota Yaris Cross - Lease

When it comes to leasing, someone interested in a new Toyota has two options. He can choose a traditional (financial) lease, which has been increasingly withdrawn in recent years, or an operating lease. To better understand the different types, let's do a little comparison.

Classical Lease (financial)

In this case, the buyer pays the rental company the initial upfront and regular installments. The down payment is about a few dozen percent of the purchase price of a new car. Therefore, the customer must have a certain amount of cash (and not exactly small). The rental company will then insure the vehicle and be the official owner of the vehicle for the entire period of the lease return.

Inspections, repairs and maintenance are usually at the purchaser's expense, unless otherwise agreed with the rental company. As soon as the final payment is made, the buyer officially becomes the owner of the vehicle and is registered for a major technical license. However, if your next payment is not due, the car will be seized by the “rental company”. At the same time, you will lose the disbursed amount you paid in monthly installments.

If we consider a classic rental model for example, then we will see that for the price of a Toyota Yaris Cross of K 797,000, a 25% down payment and a 36-month lease in Optimal conditions, it will have to pay the rental company less than 200,000 K (199,250 K) in advance.

The monthly rental payment will amount to K 18,790.28 and the sum of the rental payments, prepaid + the remaining price of the car (= the purchase value of the car in the amount of K 1,000) will come to K 875,700, or 78,700 K, went from our wallet to the rental company's pocket. Also in this case, again we are talking about an ideal model situation and enough creditworthiness of the customer.

Operating leasing

One particular form that is becoming increasingly popular in the vehicle financing sector is operating leasing. However, here it should be mentioned that the car belongs to the rental company for the entire repayment period. As a customer and driver, you only use it for a certain period of time under previously agreed conditions.

Lease activity comes with a monthly payment, but also a certain annual mileage on the order of (ten) thousand kilometers. If you exceed the agreed number of kilometers, the rental company will charge you the fee you agreed in advance. Monthly payments cover the cost of insurance, maintenance, tire changes and upkeep, roadside assistance, vehicle replacement, or legal fees.

At the end of the contract, the vehicle is returned to the rental company, and if the wear and tear of the vehicle correspond to the conditions of the contract, the customer will not have to pay any additional costs. Not having to pay upfront is also a big plus, which means you can use your new car without having to pay a certain amount of your own money to the rental company. In this case, the monthly payment is calculated according to the needs and adjustments of the customer. However, it is usually lower than the classic rental.

Final Summary

From the foregoing, it becomes clear that financing the Toyota Yaris Cross, like any other vehicle, is an extremely personal matter for the customer or potential customer of the rental company. . However, in general, if you do not have a budget constraint and have a lot of money, you should buy a car with cash.

If you only use your car infrequently, consider an active rental. If you have a small amount of money on hand and don't want to worry about car service and related payments (legal insurance, for example), you should opt for a classic rental.

If you don't have enough equity to pay the initial down payment, but your credit rating is good, you can go to a bank that has special-purpose auto loans in its list. their investment. Here, however, one still relies on a relatively long and demanding approval process, the outcome of which is often highly uncertain. One way or another, you always have several options for financing the purchase of your dream car.


Changan Boss Calls on Government to Step in as Chip Shortage

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Autofun Philippines – Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Chongqing Changan Automobile, said shortages of expensive chips and batteries have affected new energy vehicle production in China. Speaking today at the China Automotive Forum 2022, organized by the China Automobile Manufacturers Association, he called for promoting more transparent supply chains and solving the problem of hoarding and speculation in raw materials. battery material. "Changan Automobile lost capacity of 606,000 units between January and September," Zhu said at the three-day forum opening Tuesday in Shanghai. And, it will have an impact on Changan Philippines and other markets.


There is currently a structural shortage of automotive chips, Zhu noted, citing the high technical requirements for chips qualified for vehicle use and the number of chips required to make one NEV. single to three to four times the amount needed for a fuel-powered vehicle.


Chip shortages have resulted in increased purchasing costs for automakers, and they are unable to market and deliver new models on time. This has disrupted production rates across the industry, he said, with vehicles missing certain parts having to leave production lines and be put into storage by factories desiring to produce. more than. Mr. Zhu suggested:


The production of more conventional chips should be accelerated while promoting transparency of the supply chain. In addition, Tier 1 chip companies should establish a new type of relationship with suppliers and should strive to achieve localized chip development.


Soaring raw material prices, unfair industrial chain distribution, capital speculation and middleman hoarding all make batteries more expensive, he continued. Currently, the cost of batteries accounts for more than 40% of the total cost of a finished car, which has a significant impact on the operations of car manufacturers.


In the case of Changan Automobile, Zhu points out that rising battery costs have increased the cost of a car from CNY5,000 ($691) to CNY35,000, and these additional costs are borne by the company.


He suggested that the government should prevent the hoarding and price speculation of goods by individual companies, strengthen policy guidance and optimize the upstream allocation of goods. In addition, the domestic industry should promote the recycling and use of waste batteries and primary metal sources and improve the recycling management system for electric batteries.


Changan Automobile sold 1.7 million vehicles in the first nine months of the year, down 2.97% year-on-year. Meanwhile, 951,500 passenger cars of other national brands were sold in the same period, up 2.46%.


In addition, Chinese suppliers' NEV brands saw their cumulative sales increase 117.85% year-on-year to 156,300 units during the period.

Another Chinese brand resurfaces in the Philippines

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Autofun Philippines – Some 15 years ago, a large number of Chinese auto brands entered the Philippine market. Unfortunately, at that time, Chinese car brands were not ready to challenge the dominance of Japanese, American and European brands. Quality and service are non-existent for models coming from Beijing and thus, ultimately fail. Foton Philippines, however, with the development of brand, can penetrate thelocal market quickly.


However, Chinese automakers continue and develop their brands, even acquiring European car manufacturers that are failing, if only to acquire technology, personnel. and the experience of these long-standing automakers.


Fast-forward to today and we see some successful Chinese models unexpectedly challenging older Japanese and Western badges. Geely, Chery, MG and Foton are four of the most popular Chinese brands that have successfully penetrated Filipino households in terms of car selection.


Two of those badges, Chery and MG, got off to a rough start, losing Chery to poor distribution management before regaining the name when United Asia Automotive Group Inc. take over. MG also struggled when their first distributor started a really ignorant marketing strategy, but eventually gained traction when The Covenant Car Company Inc. take over.


Now another Chinese car brand that was present 15 years ago but disappeared for unknown reasons is trying to make a comeback.


Luxuriant Automotive Group is the new distributor for Great Wall Motor in the Philippines. I remember Great Wall Motor because we were invited to participate in their first foray into the Philippine market in the late 2000s.


I remember that very well because of the model they showed us in. that moment was interesting - it was Coolbear - a boxy SUV. I think that was back when SUVs were called crossovers.


Good friend Tonette Lee invited us one day to meet Luxuriant President Ruben Tan and Great Wall President Lillian Cui to announce the revival of the Chinese brand in the country.


It was a great lunch with some autograph friends in Torch, Connecticut, where we got to see the first model the Great Wall of China plans to introduce to Manila, Haval, of the design. interesting with hints of American and Japanese design trends. . . But it has a pretty Chinese take on an SUV.


Tan said it will focus on the two best-selling models in the Philippines, including SUVs and pickup trucks, which are the first vehicles sold in the country.


The Great Wall is one of the largest, if not the largest, automobile manufacturers/assemblers in China, and already has a larger foothold in Asia and Africa, and is opening strong expansion in the US, Australia and Europe.


With the success of other Chinese car brands in the Philippines, I wonder what the Great Wall of China will do in our market. We will see.

Proton Suprima S: Preve-based hatch here in November

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Wapcar Automotive News – The Proton Suprima S was unveiled at an event in its home country of Malaysia, revealing a sports hatch slated to arrive locally in November.


Based on the five-door Preve GXR to be introduced in This coming October, Proton Suprima S is equipped with a turbocharged 1.6-liter 4-cylinder 103 kW / 205 Nm.


Linked to a 5-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed continuously variable transmission (CVT), the Proton Suprima S 2023 is capable of accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 9.9 seconds and with a fuel consumption of 9,6 1 liter / 100 km according to Malaysian Standard.


Weighing 1375kg in the Executive version and 1395kg in the high-quality Premium version, the tailgate is 4436mm long, 1786mm wide and 1524mm high - 54mm shorter, 31mm wider and 54mm taller than the current generation Mazda 3. The long wheelbase is also 10mm longer than the Mazda.


Up front, the Suprima S has a lot in common with the Preve, but features a new black honeycomb grille, new plastic inserts and new fog light surrounds. LED lights are present in the daytime running lights and angled taillights. A rear door-mounted spoiler combines with "Turbo" badging and 17-inch wheels, with 16-inch Executive sport wheels.


Rounding out the exterior is the 'Handle by Lotus' badging - first seen on the Proton Satria GTi in 1999.


Suprima S has the basic Preve interior layout but complements adds new materials and trim and the Proton's infotainment system includes seven 2-inch LCD screens, DVD player, satellite navigation and Bluetooth/USB/iPod connectivity. The system also allows Wi-Fi connectivity from a mobile phone or mobile hotspot and connects to a four-speaker stereo system in the Executive and a six-speaker unit in the premium version.


The 309-liter luggage capacity is expandable to 427L but 81L less than the Preve's 508L trunk.


Steering wheel-mounted audio controls and rear parking sensors are standard on the base model, along with front sensors, leather seats, gearshift paddles, cruise control, and headlights. and automatic wipers and reverse camera on the Premium version.


Available in Atlantic Blue, Fire Red, Genetic Silver, Bare Black and Solid White, the Proton Suprima S starts at RM76,688 ($25,400).


Proton Australia's managing director of sales and marketing, Billy Falconer, told CarAdvice that the brand will release full details of the Suprima S in the coming days, but aim for pricing in the same region. nearby Preve, starting at US$18,990. -in but was recently reduced to $15,990 when driving.


Suprima S will be part of Proton's upcoming expansion to Australia, with opening expected in November, following the arrival of the seven-seat Exora in September and the turbocharged Preve GXR in 10th, September.