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Challenge Audi Q5 DS will push a new flagship SUV in 2024

Recently, according to overseas media, DS will launch only pure electric models from 2024, and plans to launch a new flagship SUV and DS 4 pure electric version at the end of 2024. The new SUV will be positioned higher than the DS 7 and will compete with the Audi Q5(ราคา Audi 2023).

"AERO SPORT LOUNGE (parameters|quote) concept car'

It is reported that the new flagship SUV will continue the design style of AERO SPORT LOUNGE concept car, its body length will be close to 5 meters, while providing a range of about 690km performance. In addition, the new car will adopt a new design in addition to the exterior, the interior will also adopt a new design style.

DS (Import) DS 3 New Energy 2023 Basic Model

"DS 3'

There is still relatively little information about the new car, but we can see that the DS brand is determined to transform into pure electric. The brand currently has only one pure electric model, the DS 3, and the future pure electric lineup is expected to expand to five models.


Huracan Coupe: Features for Car Lovers should Know

The Huracan Coupe not only inherits the classic style of Lamborghini Mobil's most successful car, the Gallardo but also opens up a new era in the world of supercars. In the Lamborghini tradition, the Huracan is named after a 19th-century fighting bull of Spanish Conte de la Patilla blood, known for its extraordinary courage and powerful attacks, and which has always maintained its indomitable character, just as the Huracan Coupe is fascinating.


The Huracan Coupe's superlative interior not only offers excellent consistency and sporting qualities but also allows for easy and comfortable long-distance driving. The cabin is equipped with a 12.3-inch and 5.7-inch dual TFT LCD screen, different from the conventional dashboard display, with an electronic and user-friendly design, which can be adjusted according to different driver needs and real-time driving information, to meet the owner's information needs different situations; center console TFT LCD screen can display engine temperature, oil pressure, power, cabin air conditioning, heated seats and other driving information, convenient


The center console TFT LCD screen displays engine temperature, oil pressure, power, cabin air conditioning, heated seats and other driving information, making it easy for owners to obtain the most real-time vehicle dynamics; and to enhance the driver's convenience, the steering wheel integrates the switch controls for lights, wipers, trip computer and dashboard information. Rooted in the tradition of Italian craftsmanship and Lamborghini's uncompromising pursuit of precision and detail, the Huracan Coupe's superb interior sets a new benchmark in the supercar segment.


The Huracan Coupe's large air intakes at the front end are designed to direct airflow to increase downforce on the front axle, and the rear wing has been replaced with an integrated ducktail instead of the original Gallardo electric design. In terms of body structure, the front-to-rear weight ratio is 48:52, and the new carbon fiber and the aluminum Hybrid frame is 10% lighter than the Gallardo aluminum frame and 50% more resistant to twisting, a breakthrough technology developed by Lamborghini using CFRP ultra-light material to reduce frame weight and improve overall frame strength and stability. The aim is to reduce the weight of the frame and improve the overall frame strength, to strengthen the solid foundation of this new supercar.


The Huracan Coupe is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine that delivers 610hp at 8250rpm and 57.1kgm of torque at 6500rpm. One of the breakthrough innovations of this engine is the dual fuel injection system, which provides MDI multi-point injection and IDS direct injection in parallel. The combination of this technology effectively reduces NOx emissions, improves fuel and air mixing efficiency, and reduces cylinder temperature, achieving an outstanding performance of 0-100km/h in 3.2 seconds and 200km/h in 9.9 seconds. Thanks to the long-stroke design, the engine has the low rpm and high torque characteristics found in touring cars (70% of maximum torque at 1000rpm), making it easier for the driver to control without losing its strong supercar character.


The Huracan Coupe is equipped with the new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission Lamborghini Doppia Frizione (LDF). Compared to the six-speed single-clutch E-gear system in the previous Gallardo, the LDF shifts more smoothly and quickly, with two independent gearshift units that are always active, one connected to the engine and the other ready for gear changes. The other one is ready for gear shifting at any time, and the driver is not even aware of it during the process. The gear ratios have also been precisely tuned to achieve the best possible sporty performance.


The optional Lamborghini Dynamic Steering System (LDS) is a revolutionary innovation in the supercar segment, providing fast, precise and agile steering on the race track as well as variable steering ratios for excellent steering stability at high speeds on a daily basis; LDS also provides small and precise steering corrections during cornering. When cornering, LDS also provides small and precise steering correction adjustments to minimize understeer and oversteer problems. Another optional system is the LMR active electromagnetic suspension system, which independently adjusts the damping characteristics of the suspension during compression and extension, and through the joint operation of the LMR and LPI electronic monitoring platform, each wheel shock absorber can be calculated and adjusted individually in real-time.


As for the new Huracan Coupe RWD, the lightweight rear-wheel drive design enhances the handling pleasure and slightly reduces the horsepower to 580hp. The new upgraded styling makes the performance even better, and the swashbuckling appearance refined through wind tunnel testing is not just a modification of the lines to increase visual aesthetics.


The redesigned airflow guide holes effectively infuse airflow into the front radiator, and the front bumper directs more airflow into the side air intakes to enhance the efficiency of the front and rear airflow channels. The streamlined shape reduces the wind resistance coefficient by 3% and improves the overall aerodynamic efficiency by 8%, enabling the car to reach 0-100km/h in just 3.4 seconds, which is the thrill of flying close to the ground.


Finally, the Huracan Performante, with its lightweight and greatly enhanced performance, was quickly introduced to Taiwan, and with a record of 6 minutes and 52 seconds, it became the fastest production car on the Nurburgring-Nord circuit and is definitely the hottest new car in the supercar scene at this stage.

BYD, Wuling, Chery have laid out pure electric hardcore SUV

Traditional car companies scrambling to enter the electrification market have long been nothing new. And in fact, when the real depth of the new energy vehicle market to know, the original new energy vehicle market is also so inside the volume, whether it is pure electric small cars, or high-end models have a variety of models to compete.


This is not, there are several car companies that began to lay out hardcore pure electric SUVs. Today we will talk about a few hardcore pure electric SUVs, do you think they can win market recognition after listing? BYD looks up to the first model BYD's high-end brand look up, which I'm sure many people have already an understanding of. This car's internal code is R1, positioning above is a hardcore crossover.


And, according to the relevant media reports, the price of this model or 800,000-1.5 million yuan, really is the top level of luxury. From the current spy photos of this model, the overall bias towards hardcore, square joint venture shape is actually not uncommon in the hardcore SUV market. Above the details, I believe this model will join the original design. In addition, above the power, this model is expected to have not only pure electric models and DM-i models, and according to the previous BYD boss said, will use disruptive black technology in this car, a small look forward to it. Chery iCarS56 The development of Chery's new energy in the market is not bad, but the current layout, mainly in the A00-class market, its products are QQ ice cream, Chery small and such models. Such models are not very high in product positioning, so the profits are limited for the company.


The company's new car will be the first pure electric SUV - S56, according to an article recently released by Chery Mobil 2023. However, we can boldly predict that it will still be based on hardcore lines. The price may not be very cheap either. Wuling KiWi The new energy vehicle market of Wuling is also obvious to everyone. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. So many people also call this car the electric version of Jimny.


The originality of the details is still very high, such as the front grille through the design, and recognizable light band is very good. The rear of the car is not expected to adopt a backpack design, but a more modest style. Above the power, Wuling KiWi is expected to be equipped with a dual motor layout, with a maximum power of 80kW and a range of about 300km. These three pure electric hardcore SUVs are expected to be launched next year, from the positioning above there are mainly high-end, there are mainly pro-people models. Everyone thinks, which of these three models is most worth looking forward to?

New car photos: The third generation Isuzu D-Max makes its public debut at

The third-generation Isuzu D-Max(ราคา Isuzu) made its world debut in Thailand in October this year. Nearly two months after its introduction, the fuel-efficient and practical Pick-up cargo truck now made its public debut at the just-passed Thailand Motor Show. The new generation of D-Max now has a new fashionable design on the exterior and a new set of chassis.

In terms of dimensions, the new D-Max has a length of 5,265mm, a width of 1,870mm, a height of 1,790mm and a wheelbase of 3,125mm. 30mm shorter than the previous generation, but 10mm wider, 5mm lower and 30mm longer wheelbase.

The exterior design of the D-Max is more powerful than that of the previous generation, with a larger tank shroud on the front and a lot of glossy black paint treatment. The tail lights are designed with two quadrangular LED apertures.

In the interior, it still uses the traditional pointer-type instrument panel, but there is a colorful driving information screen in the middle, and a 9-inch screen supporting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in the middle.

In terms of other equipment, it has a dual-zone climate control system, voice control system, headlight delay-off function, remote start engine function, power-adjustable driver's seat, automatic start/close headlights and wipers, headlight washers, etc. Safety equipment is relatively ordinary, except for the usual six airbags and body dynamic stability system (ESC), only blind spot detection (BSM) and rear traffic alert system (RCTA). (RCTA).

However, the original manufacturer emphasized that the chassis adopted by this generation of D-Max can be upgraded at any time to accommodate more electronic safety equipment, including automatic brake assist system (AE8) and automatic driving system, etc. It can also accommodate a larger battery pack, which means that the original manufacturer may launch a pure electric or fuel-electric version of D-Max in the future, but this may also be for another seven-passenger SUV that shares the same chassis Isuzu MU-X.

The new D-Max adopts the double Wishbone suspension design in the front end and the rear suspension is the common leaf spring for cargo trucks, but the original manufacturer claims that the tuning of this generation D-Max will have better driving stability, handling and comfort after redesign and different steering gear ratio setting.

The 1.9L engine has 150hp and 350Nm of torque, while the 3.0L engine has 190hp and 450Nm of torque, and the transmissions are six-speed automatic and six-speed manual, respectively. Max has a better weight distribution ratio.

In terms of price, the new D-Max is available locally in Thailand in both Single Cab and Double Cab versions, with prices ranging from 510,000 baht (RM70,000) to 1,164,000 baht (RM160,000).

2023 Volvo XC60 arrives at the store with the same appearance

Recently, we have taken pictures of the 2023 Volvo XC60 from the dealership. The new car as the annual facelift model, the appearance of the change is not much, but in the configuration and other aspects into some enhancements, the new car will be listed in the near future as one of the heated Volvo Mobil 2023 for the car lovers.


The new car still follows the design of the current model, the front end also uses a polygonal grille, and with a straight waterfall design of the network, the two sides of the classic Thor's hammer headlights are still sharp. The overall design still retains the XC60's stable atmosphere. The new car's sides and rear are not much different than the current model, still retaining the tough urban SUV's aura.


Interior, the new car uses a full LCD instrument panel and with a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, the center is equipped with a longitudinal layout multimedia touch screen, and equipped with an electronic gearshift mechanism, the entire center control layout is still as simple as ever.


Configuration, In reference to the 2023 XC60 T8 model, the new car may add laminated glass. In addition, the new car may also be equipped with a new intelligent infotainment system, safety features will be re-matched to some models of automatic braking, emergency stop assist, crystal gear lever, remote control, automatic parking, and other functions.


The model is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine and a 48V light-hybrid system, with a maximum power of 184kW (250PS) and a maximum torque of 350N-m, matched with an 8AT automatic transmission and equipped with a four-wheel drive system.